It is through the elemental energies of creation I find my muse

I knew when I was very young I was in love with metals and stones, I spent most of my free time experimenting with different metals, brass, iron copper, whatever I could get my hands on as a kid. I would hammer nails into tiny swords, get cuts requiring stitches from flying chunks of brass and hammer the hell out of large clumps of quartz crystal until I found the best one hiding inside. My head has always been in the place where I was trying to fit pieces of my creations together in some fashion to make a greater object. I abandoned this for the most part for about 20 years and led a rather mundane life as an automotive mechanic, but life always has a way of showing you the correct path. Through a series of life altering changes I found myself with the means and renewed purpose to revisit those things as a kid I could never have imagined being a way of life. Doesn't it always seem like you are playing catch up when you finally realize what you were meant to do?

Everything I create is guided by the wisdom of chaos and order. Melting the metal destroys it’s form, until it is cast into its new form. Forging and shaping the metal with hammer and anvil once again destroys what was cast and creates a finer, refined and hardened form. Combining metals with various attributes strengthens them together and makes them more resilient and more receptive to a varied spectrum of energy. Setting the stones imparts their focusing power and encases them in the protection of the metal. The final form, complete with the energies of chaos and order plus the elemental energies of flame and forge combine as witnessed and orchestrated by the creator, result in a piece uniquely capable of channeling whatever varied energies are desired by the magick user.

I feel like the objects I create are inspired and to those who feel called to wield them I feel in debt for it is you who give me the chance to continue in this "art" I am proud to share my knowledge and work with you.